Our History

The roots of Salsativity

The roots of salsativity go back to April 2008, when some Salsa addicts (Eva Garcia, Johannes Maurer, Georg Glas) came together to form an association to boost, connect and invigorate the local Salsa community in Graz. This worked quite well, but after 2 years, the group no longer had enough time and energy to devote to running the association. Eventually, the decision was made to bring this chapter to an end with a big party on 31.12.2010 and the association was closed.

A lot of changes have happened in Graz since then. We gained some venues, but lost more and more places to dance (iKU, Kottolinsky, Cafe Opern Pavillon, Cafe-Bar-M1, ) and most of the original Salsativity founders are no longer active in the scene.

However, the passion persisted and Georg was still traveling from one event to another, exploring the Afro-Cuban roots in music and dance. Enjoying this all alone did not make sense, so he wanted other people to experience the same. After a while, people started joining and got involved. This took us to festivals in Poland (Deakocan Dance Festival), Serbia (Havana en Belgrado, Cubanero), Montenegro, Croatia, Germany, Hungary (Arrebatate, Szombathely) Slovenia (Manana Ljubljana, Cubana Ljubljana, Maribor) and more, not to mention Vienna and Graz. Along the way, we’ve heard some fantastic artists, danced with old friends and made new ones while sharing our passion for Cuban music and dance.

Salsativity was reborn as a Sportunion Verein in 2018, with a new team and the goal of reinvigorating the Cuban dance scene in Graz.