Bewegt im Park

"Salsativity - mit heißen Rhythmen durch den Sommer"

We look forward to sharing some of the many traditional and modern Cuban dances you this summer! We will do this with distance to meet the current Covid restrictions and no partner will be required. Each workshop session will be independent and self-contained, so there's no need to register and so you are welcome to join us for whichever sessions you like.

Each workshop will offer an introduction to a different dance style, ranging from earthy, grounded dances steeped in Cuba's African heritage, through the elegance of salon dances, to dances that evolved on the streets and clubs of Cuba, and energetic dances from the annual carnivals.


One session per week, running from the 27rd of June to the 12th of September.

Sundays: 17:00 - 18:00


Augarten, beside the Murknockerln. (Map here).

(Friedrichgasse 59/1, 8010 Graz, Österreich)

Just look for the Bewegt-im-Park flag!

Our Team

  • Martin Graber

  • Wolfgang Scheicher

  • Eva Hanseli

  • Julian Rosalie

  • Leona Graf


For more information, please contact:


Or check the Bewegt im Park website for more events in Graz and beyond.