We are currently working on finding solutions how we could offer outdoors choreography classes during the remaining SS2020, in compliance with the currently applicable measures.

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Choreography LV1

Tue, 31st March 2020

Prerequisites: Timba Starters LV1

Choreography LV2

Stay tuned for upcoming courses

Prerequisite: Timba Starters LV2

About our Choreography workshops

Animations are a great way to add some fire to parties; they are fun and easy and everyone can join in, even with little or no dance experience. However, learning animation choreographies is actually a fantastic way to improve your dancing skills including coordination, footwork, body movement, styling, musicality and memory - best of all: you get more confidence when dancing. In this course, we will practice animations and partner work choreography.

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All the details about what to bring to class, suitable clothing etc. are available on the general Q & A page and we suggest you read for this before the first class. You can get the latest information on this and other upcoming courses and activities by joining our mailing list.