Timba for Starters Level 1

Timba Starters Level 1

Tue, 21st April - 12th Mai 2020

About our Timba for Starters workshops (LV 1-3)

In Level 1 (LV1), we will introduce you to the first dance of "Timba" called "Casino" often marketed as "Cuban Salsa" or "Salsa Cuban[a/o]". The dance is a reflection of the history and way of life in Cuba: the African, French and Spanish roots, mixed with the "modern" Cuba. It is a spicy game between man and woman, that takes place to the addictive rhythms of Cuban music. The number of enthusiastic Casineros and Casineras in Graz is growing fast - join them! No prior experience is required.

In Level 2 (LV2), we will consolidate existing knowledge and introduce additional Casino routines to get you ready for your first Timþarty. You will also learn the basic steps for further dance of "Timba" called "Mambo Cubano" and "Casino Suelta" and we will introduce you to "Rueda de Casino".

In Level 3 (LV3), we will consolidate existing knowledge and introduce additional Casino figures, while adding some spices and smoothness. We are going to upgrade the Enchufla (plug in) we learned in LV2, add rotation in couple, and combine Vacilala and the upgraded Enchufla to a new routine called "Setenta" (70). At the end of the course, we are going to have some fun with a lot of new routines to add to Rueda de Casino.

By the way, you are welcome to bring a partner, but you don't have to :-)

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