Timba Starters LVL 3

What and Where

Lessons: (4x90 Minutes)

  • Feburary 2022

🗺️ Location: to be anounced

Please allow some time at the beginning of the class for Covid check and registration.


This course is open to all Salsativity members. To register for the course use the link on your membership ID.
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become a member.
Please consider that you are free to cancel your membership at no cost to you after your first class.

What to bring

No prior experience required. You are welcome to bring a partner, but you don't have to.
We recommend bringing a towel, something to drink and comfortable clothing.
For shoes most common types work well enough, you certainly don't need special dance shoes.
If you have long hair consider bringing something to tie them.


All current restrictions set by the austrian government apply.
Participation is only allowed for those who can provide any form of verifyable 3G certificate.
We recommend that
all participants get tested the same day if possible.
Consider using the "Grüner Pass" app and don't forget to bring an ID.