We appreciate if you are participating on our Timþarty and Timba Classes - however learning from others and connecting with different communities is what made us grow. So we are going on concerts, events, parties, festivals, workshops as team.

How are SalsativityOnTours announced ?

At the moment, we are announcing most of our SalsativityOnTours via our Facebook Page. If there is a Workshop/Festival/Party for your level, we will try to include it into our mailinglist for your class.

What to expect ?

We are trying to minimize cost for our environment and members - if we can we go with public transport and get some group discounts, otherwise we ride-share. Same for Entry fees or Passes - if there is an option to get an discount, we do. If there is an option for a shared accommodation your are welcome to stay with us.

Take a glimpse

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Goals & Roadmap