Animation Team

Animation Team


One of our most exciting projects is the Animation team. This is a core team of passionate dancers who want to add some fire to the party. This group gets together to practice animations, choreographed to Timba music, especially Salsaton/Timbaton/Reggaeton. Animations can be fun and easy to join in, making them something that everyone at the party can participate in, even without any dance experience. At the other end of the scale, we also develop and practice more challenging choreographies to develop our own skills (co-ordination, memory, body movement etc.) that can promote Salsativity and our activities to a wider audience.


People already having dance experience in linear salsa/casino/reggaeton cubano who are interested in developing their skills and are interested in sharing about their passion for dance.

Style of teaching

The group meets on a semi-regular basis, typically working on a choreography for one particular song at a time. Timba is a musical fusion genre, bringing together elements from Son Cubano, Rumba Guaguanco, Casino, and other folk and religious dances from Cuba. We practice systematically, breaking down the choreography into sections reflecting the character of the music; making this a fantastic way to develop musicality and a better understanding of Timba music.