Animation Team

Project Animation Team


We want the whole community to grow, does not matter if cross-body-salsa or casino/son/timba scene, in order to get there, we need to have young people joining the community. Unfortunately this becomes harder and harder here in Graz. There are a lot of people starting to dance but they are not coming to any party ?! Other communities and parties grow very stronger (Belgrade, Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna).

As far as i could tell, one key element is entertainment and the "party feeling" that drives people - we would like to fix this.


for people already dancing crossbody salsa/casino/reggaeton cubano


mainly reggaeton/timbaton

Style of teaching

suelta, learning choreography in small musical loops, repetition, group videos for self-training/review

Course duration: 2-4 weeks (ongoing, depending on the choreography)

Goals & Roadmap


  • get some party feeling at the crossbody social nights
  • self-marketing
  • team-building


  • get students to start or support animation
  • get students to start teaching/supporting