Project Timþarty


Classes and workshops are great, but we really want you to be able get out and dance socially. There was no regular (local) party playing Timba music in our hometown, but project Timþarty is going to change that. We simply love this music and it drives us. We will go for a Timþarty at the end of each course; so you can socialize, practice what you've learned and get to know others in the group and look ahead for the next level.

How is the Timþarty announced ?

For legal and liability reasons, Timþarty will be only available for a closed user group. You will have to register with us first, be a member, trainer or supporter or you have been in of our classes recently. So if you are active in our class, you are already on the guest list.

Are the parties for free ?

As we have to pay for the event (Music fees:AUME-Kopierentgelt, LSG und Leistungsschutz,Aufführungsentgelt,renting and cleaning the location, sound and light equipment), we cannot make it for free, for all - however if you were recently in one of our courses, you will be on our guest list and we will be happy to see you there - your entry will be included with your course/member fee.

What to expect on a typical Timþarty ?

We will have a short workshop at the beginning - so yes you will grow your knowledge and body-movement on any occasion.

You will have plenty of opportunity to dance with dance partners of different levels.

Our trainers and supporters will do some animations.

You just started ? Don´t worry about your dancing levels, everybody started this way, no-one ever was born dancing.

How To dress for a Timþarty ?

As you like - casual or sexy/elegant - its up to you, but please stay away from high heels, stiletto heels or similar.

How do I get involved?

We are a community - we work, party, learn together as team:


We're always on the lookout for suitable venues. If you know somewhere you think would be good, let us know.

    • Criteria: Non-smoking, or at least, well separated non-smoking areas.
    • A floor that is okay to dance on.

Set-up and packing-up

"Its a tough job, but someone's gotta do it." There always work to be done setting up for a party, from moving furniture to setting up lights, speakers and decoration, DJ Equipment


What's a party without music? But what is a party with live percussion? The drums are such a central component of of Afro-Cuban that live percussion brings a whole new dimension to the party. Got the skills? Get in touch with us!


You are an experienced DJ or Visual Artist and willing to help out? Let us know !