Project Timba

What is Timba:

Timba is a Cuban fusion-genre of music and dance and started in the 90s and is still developing today. The fusion can be in sequences (so different dances within one song) or layered with multiple Rhythms on top of each other where the dancer chooses the most dominant genre/dance. If you want to know more checkout Timbapedia


Our core project; we want to give you the skills and confidence to get onto the dance floor and have fun. We don´t count how many students we have - how well your progress is - we measure our success by having our students fun at the Timþarty.

At the moment we have classes at TU-Graz: "HTU Salsakurs"- these classes are organized thanks to the initiatives of ÖH (HTU).

We try hard to start each class with a free 'taster' workshop, however that is not always possible due to room or time constrains.

Timba Starter (Level 1-3)

Beyond the taster workshop, a course/level will consist of 4 sessions each 90 minutes.

  • Level 1 (4*90 minutes):

We will introduce you to the first dance of "timba" called "casino" often marketed as "Cuban Salsa" or "Salsa Cuban[a/o]"

The dance is a reflection of the history and way of life in cuba: the African, French and Spanish roots, mixed with the "modern" Cuba. It is a spicy game between a man and a woman, that takes place through addictive Cuban music.

You will learn:

    • the general rules for casino
    • pulses and rhythm
    • very basic concept of leading and following
    • the differences between "Salsa" and "Casino" (and why its called that way)
    • basic step: "paso de caminar"
    • basic step: "guapea" (a simplified version)
    • routine: "vacilla" (Cuban dialect vacilar means "to enjoy". Particularly, to enjoy oneself in a careless manner)
    • routine: "dile que si!" (tell him yes!)
    • routine: "dile que no!" (tell him no!)

If you were brave enough, we have a surprise for you at the end of Level 1 (4th lesson)

  • Level 2 (4*90 minutes):

At the begin of Level 2 / End of Level 1 there is usually a timba practica where you have room and time to practice.

We will consolidate existing knowledge and introduce additional casino routines to get you ready for your first Timþarty. You will also learn the basic steps for further dance of "timba" called "mambo cubano" and "casino suelta"

You will learn:

    • Body Posture in casino
    • basic steps and routines: "casino suelta"
    • basic step: "mambo cubano in place"
    • routine: "exhíbela" (Cuban dialect "show here off" - and the girls will love this)
    • routine: "Enchufla"

If you were brave enough, we have a surprise for you at the end of Level 2 (4th lesson)

  • Level 3 (4*90 minutes)

Enough for training and learning, you are ready for fun on the dance floor. At the begin of Level 3 / End of Level 2 there is usually a Timþarty. Girls and Guys don´t worry about the weather because, it will get hot on the dance floor anyway - cuban flavor on the dancefloor - ¡qué calor!

We will consolidate existing knowledge and spice up the existing routines.

Timba Improver (Level 4-6)

We will consolidate existing knowledge and introduce additional casino routines. This is the first we will look into the afro-cuban complex of dances - we will have a look at some basic routine in World Intangible Heritage of Rumba Guaguancó.

Enough for training and learning, you are ready to join SalsativityOnTour and have fun with us on festivals and parties.

Timba Intermediate (Level 7-9)

We will consolidate existing knowledge and introduce additional casino routines. This time we will take a more in depth look into the afro-cuban complex of dances - we will work further on Rumba Guaguancó, and have a look at the very elegant Son Cubano.

By this time you are addicted - there is no way you can go two weeks without dancing, when there is bad mood you turn on the music player and listen to cuban music - we are very sorry - not! :)

Timba Advanced (Level 10-12)

You are still thirsty for more - no problem, there is plenty to cover - we will spice up your timba by diving deeper in to the afro-cuban folkloric and religious dances and reggaeton cubano (Reparto).

You still cannot get enough ? We do neither, that´s why we started teaching - now its your turn to spread the fun and join our Trainer Team at Salsativity.

Do I need to register with a partner?

Not at all! Of course its great if you want to come with a friend, but you are welcome to register as an individual. During class we rotate partners regularly; you'll learn better and faster that way and hey, you get to meet new people, too. :-)

I've never danced before.....

No problem, in our Timba for Starters courses we are start from the basics of walking, we are pretty sure you have done that before. From there on, we go for body movement, what to listen for in the music, how to lead and follow.

But i don´t speak German !?

No problem! Well - not for you - we try hard to teach most of the time in English, if our English fails we revert to body language. Why English ? If you are joining us for Project SalsativityOnTour the classes, workshops, festivals are held in English or better Sp(anish)-English anyway.

I have nothing to wear - or - how to prepare for a lesson ?


We recommend to have clothing that does not restrict your movement of legs and arms.

Gym or training gear is absolutely okay, however keep in mind that polyester fabric gets smelly over time, and there is not really much you can do to get rid of the smell. That is not a problem if you are in a gym, but your dance partner might not be happy with it. We recommend cotton/Elasten fabric - they can be washed (sometimes) at 60°C to get rid of all the bacteria causing the smell. If your fabric gets sweaty make sure to let it dry before you put it into a bag.

For partner work classes, we don´t recommend tank tops/sleeveless t-shirts for leaders.

Take some spare clothing - so you can change your shirt in between workshops/lessons.

Hygiene and Comfort:

Deodorant is a must have - yes, humans are known to sweat when they are working out so do you - and not everybody had the chance to take a shower between work and the lesson - so make your dancing partner comfortable by using a deodorant.

We recommend towel for leaders and a fan for followers, at a certain level this will become part of your dancing routines.


We strongly recommend to remove or cover any jewelry that can injure you or your partner:

  • rings, with sharp edges or stones
  • earrings large enough to catch.
  • necklaces

You have long hair, so do some of us - please do your dance partner a favor and tie it back - otherwise it will be all over your dance partners face.


We know there are supreme dance shoes, but they are not really required, timba comes from the streets - if you have ever been to Cuba you know in what conditions these streets are - most of the religious dances are danced barefoot:

    • Dance shoes not required (some venues require non street shoes in order to not bring in any dust, stones or gravels from the street)
    • High-heels are okay beyond Timba Starters Class (Level 4+) - there might be restrictions regarding floors in some location
    • Gym or running shoes okay (make sure they don´t leave any marks)


You are moving, you will be sweating - your body needs to get water in order to function. If your mouth gets dry it will be smelly and cause discomfort for your dancing partner - drink, drink, drink - Water !


We want you to grow as fast as you can - we provide you with help and tools

Music for practicing

Reggaeton Cubano Music for Starters (this is what we used for warmup during the Timba classes and at the Timþarty)

Timbapop Music for Starters (“easy to understand”)

Timba Music for Starters (“more challenging music”)

want to make your own music in your own tempo - no problem Salsabeatmachine


we are working on Project Timbapedia to support your learning efforts


We would not be training students without the support of our mentors which have years of experience in training afro-cuban dances:

  • Cubana Ljubljana is one of the strongest growing young timba communities nearby - they have about 20 trainers and 4 DJs and we are very thankfully for the support.
  • Cubaila Viena is the strongest growing young timba community we have in our country - they have about 8 trainers and are always helpful when we have questions.
  • SalsaFuerte is visiting Graz in regular intervals and we are happy to join them in Szombathely to get inspired and learn how to teach.

We are also very thankful for all the many artists, teachers, trainers that have made us dance afro-cuban dances, however there is no way we could name everybody that have accompanied our way in the last years.

Road-map & Goals



  • student and trainer mood enhancement
  • enable students to do marketing (social, offline marketing)
  • get students to join Project SalsativityOnTour


  • fitness: cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, body composition and muscular strength by physical activity / improve body-movement for students
  • mental health: boosting concentration and combination ability
  • self confidence: improve feeling of sexiness and self-esteem
  • cultural education: boosting cuban, afro-cuban culture and art education
  • mastery: motivations that arose from the improvement of coordination, and body movements, as well as increasing control of one’s own body
  • socializing: being in good company and being with like-minded people
  • coping: eg. escaping the daily workload/routine
  • grow a afro-cuban cultural scene with regular Timþarty