Project Timba


Our core project; we want to give you the skills and confidence to get onto the dance floor. We offer courses in different styles that fuse together to Timba: Casino, Rumba Guaguanco, Reggaeton and more.

Our classes are organized by the ÖH at TU (HTU) Graz. Each course starts with a free 'taster' workshop. Beyond the taster workshop, there will be 4 sessions of 90 minutes; time to cover the fundamentals, give you time to practice in class and get you ready for social dancing. You can find all the information about ongoing classes and how to register on the Classes page.


  • Do I need to register with a partner?

Not at all! Of course its great if you want to come with a friend, but you are welcome to register as an individual. During class we rotate partners regularly; you'll learn better and faster that way and hey, you get to meet new people, too. :-)

  • But I've never danced before.....

No problem! We'll be starting from the basics; body movement, what to listen for in the music, how to lead and follow.

  • But i don´t speak german !?

No problem! Well - not for you - we try hard to teach most of the time in english, if our english fails we revert to body language :)


We want you to grow as fast as you can - we provide you with help and tools

Music for practicing

Reggaeton Cubano Music for Starters (this is what we used for warmup during the Timba classes and at the Timþarty)

Timbapop Music for Starters (“easy to understand”)

Timba Music for Starters (“more challenging music”)

want to make your own music in your own tempo - no problem Salsabeatmachine


we are working on Project Timbapedia to support your learning efforts

Road-map & Goals


  • Courses "Starter Level 1-3" until begin of July/19
  • get students ready to participate and train at Project Timþarty