Timba Practica


Classes and workshops are great, but we want you to support in the best way possible. We have an open time slot where you can come with or without your partner and dance with and or ask questions to trainers.

How are Timba Practicas announced ?

For legal and liability reasons, Timba Practica will be only available for a closed user group. You will have to register with us first, be a member, trainer or supporter or you have been in of our classes recently. So if you are active in our class, you are already on the guest list. We will announce the next Timba Practica at the end of the lesson.

Are the Timba Practicas for free ?

As we have to pay for the event (Music fees:AUME-Kopierentgelt, LSG und Leistungsschutz,Aufführungsentgelt,renting and cleaning the location, sound and light equipment), we cannot make it for free, for all.

What to expect on a typical Timba Practica ?

We will have a very short workshop (~15 minutes) at the beginning - Beside that, we are here to train what you have learned before and this works best by having fun. Our trainers and assistants will be available if you have questions.

What level should I be to participate in Timba Practica ?

We are welcoming every level, keep in mind that this is an open session, there are no course/level requirements. However the workshop in the begin might be more challenging for you, if you are from a from starter/beginner level.

How To dress for a Timba Practica ?

Whatever works for you - please be aware that certain locations have restrictions about shoes.