Project Timbapedia


There is a lot of information on the web - we are putting structure to it, and evaluation it. From curriculum to pedagogic practice, from rhythm to music we are preparing and teaching our classes based on smaller elements called "skills". These skills are grouped into different scopes:

  • basic routines
  • body-movement
  • choreography
  • lead and follow
  • different dances, history and development
  • music theory

Timbapedia is the foundation for Project Animation Team and Project Timba

How do we evaluate ?

We are happy and thankful to have a lot of support from other Trainers and Professionals. All of them are sharing their passion for years with their students, and they are sharing with us, what worked well and what did not work out when teaching. We try to get as much experience from those mentors, document and formalize their input and train our self with the gained knowledge to make a perfect experience for our students and dance partners.

Trainer X is teaching Y different ?

We don´t like to define right or wrongs - we understand that there are some constrains when it comes to defining standards, however we do try to setup common well established rules based on reasons:

Example:Rule: Leaders avoid walking backward in casinoResaons: Does not look masculine, which conflicts with the image of the leader in the dance. Its not safe (you don´t know who is behind you).

We do our best to share things that worked best for us, however they might not work best for all. This is why we encourage our students to go and look for other dance partners, workshops and festivals with Project SalsativityOnTour.

Road-map & Goals

keep in mind that there is no specific date on the road-map

  • we might offer those material to students parallel to the class (so in case you missed a class, you still got the option to do your homework
  • review and rework our curriculum based on experience with our students and on other workshops we visit as students (this is an always ongoing goal)