About Us

What is Salsativity ?

Salsativity is dedicated to the promotion of traditional and modern Cuban dance. Our focus is on Timba Cubana, a fusion genre combining European, African and local elements of social, folkloric and religious dances. We are not a dance school, but rather a group of dancers passionate about practicing and sharing this dynamic and energetic style.

Although Salsativity was established as a Sportunion Verein in 2018, its roots date back to April 2008, in a group of three friends who were passionate about Cuban music and dance. Much has changed over the years and a new generation of experienced and passionate Afro-Cuban dancers stepped up to continue the tradition. In this new and reinvigorated Salsativity, we want to offer opportunities for enthusiastic dancers to come together, love 💗, move🏃‍♀ and grow🌱.

Our Vision:

  • education: getting more people to dance
  • cultural initiatives: spreading the Cuban / Afro Cuban spirit and culture
  • physical activity: improving dancing skills, physical fitness and mental fitness for our members.

.. while having fun together