About Us

What is Salsativity?

Salsativity is dedicated to the promotion of traditional and modern Cuban dance.

Although Salsativity was established as a Sportunion Verein in 2018, its roots date back to April 2008, in a group of friends who were passionate about Cuban music and dance. Much has changed over the years and a new generation of experienced and passionate Afro-Cuban dancers have stepped up to continue the tradition.

Our Vision:

We are not a dance school, but rather a group of passionate dancers who love what we are doing so much, that we want to share that to as many people as possible! We want to offer opportunities for young and enthusiastic dancers to come together and share their passion.

We are always working on improving our own dancing skills, while working on our physical and mental fitness. Our focus is on Timba, a fusion genre based on Afro-Cuban folkloric and religious dances, paired with modern Cuban and European influences.

Our goal is to spread the Afro-Cuban spirit and culture by growing our community! We want to get more people to dance and to grow the Cuban dancing scene! We are lucky enough to have a group of experienced and passionate Afro-Cuban dancers in Graz, but we are missing young talent to freshen up the scene.

L❤️ve, Mo🤸‍♀️e and Gr🌻w with us!