What is the best way to practise dancing? Exactly - PARTYYY!! That's why we organize Timþarties regularly. We want to give you the opportunity to show off your new dance moves at our open social dance event in a friendly environment with a strong focus on Timba music. All Salsativity members are welcome, regardless of their level!

We want to give you the opportunity to practise what you learned in class, with assistance of our trainers to answer your questions and help you if you have any difficulties. So whenever we can find a free timeslot we will offer Timba Practica, open to all Salsativity members regardless of their level. Depending on the participants and group size, we might give short workshops or simply work with everyone individually.

In order to participate in our internal events, you need to be a Salsativity member. You can find more information obout Salsativity membership here.