Timba for Starters workshops (LVL 1-3)

The first dance of Timba we teach is called Casino, often marketed as "Cuban Salsa" or "Salsa Cubana". The dance is a reflection of the history and way of life in Cuba: african, french and spanish roots, mixed with the "modern" Cuba. It is a spicy game between man and woman, that takes place to the addictive rhythms of cuban music.

If you just want to get an idea of what this is all about check out our Salsativity Taster classes. To really get going the Level 1 course is the starting point of your journey into the cuban dancing side of things. You'll learn essential basic steps of Casino as well as essential Lead-and-Follow techniques.

Level 2 builds on the previous content and introduces additional Casino routines. Some time is spent to make sure that you are aware of how to position yourself in relation to your partner. More than before, emphasis is also on how to add styling, which makes your dancing look a lot more fancy. Finally, you are introduced to Rueda de Casino, which is a fun way to dance together as a group of couples. After this course you will know enough of the basics to take part in the seperate Rueda de Casino Course.

Level 3 offers the opportunity to really get good at all you have learned thus far by introducing more variations of the routines and more playfulness is encouraged. Leading and following are discussed in greater detail as routines get more complex. But at this point you will recognize the building blocks these routines are made from because you already know them. As this is currently the highest level we offer we also incorporate topics such as bodymovement, musicality and dancefloor awareness.

Rueda de Casino

This class revolves around the way to dance Casino as a group of couples. There is a designated leader of the group, the cantante, who frequently yells what to do next and everyone then dances that figure at the same time. The fun part: partners are changed often as part of the routines! This is a very dynamic way to dance as a group and the feeling of coordinated chaos, as it frankly sometimes is, will leave you wanting for more.

Please note that this class, as described requires that we change partner constantly. You do not need to bring a partner, but you should feel comfortable switching partners often. It is not possible to take part in this class if you wish to only dance with your partner.

We aim to offer this course in an ongoing fashion rather than on a 4-week schedule like our other courses. So you can show up whenever you find the time. To participate we require that you know some Casino Basics like we teach in our Timba for Starters LVL 1 and LVL 2 classes.


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