Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner?

Not at all! Of course it's great if you want to come with a friend, but you are absolutely welcome to register without a partner. We change partners regularly during class. Our experience is that you learn better and faster that way... and you get to meet new people, too. :-)

I've never danced before....

No problem, in our Timba for Starters courses we start from the basics of walking - we are pretty sure you have done that before! From there, we progress to body movement, what to listen for in the music, how to lead and follow, and gradually build up on that.

Which language are classes taught in?

Classes are taught in German or English, depending on the Trainer leading the course. However, there will be at least two Trainers in class, usually several more, and we will always have both languages covered. When words fail, we revert to body language. :-)

What to wear for classes?


We know there are supremely good dance shoes, but they are not really required. Timba comes from the streets - if you have ever been to Cuba, you know in what condition those streets are.

    • Dance shoes are not required (some venues require non-street shoes in order to not bring in any dust, stones or gravels from the street)

    • High-heels are okay beyond Timba Starters Class (Level 4+) - there might be restrictions regarding floors in some location

    • Gym or running shoes are okay (make sure they don't leave any marks)


We recommend to have clothing that does not restrict the movement of your legs and arms.

Gym or training gear is absolutely okay, however keep in mind that polyester fabric gets smelly over time, and there is not really much you can do to get rid of the smell. That is not a problem if you are in a gym, but your dance partner might not be happy with it.

For partner work classes, we don't recommend tank tops/sleeveless t-shirts for men.

Take some spare clothing, so you can change your shirt in between workshops/lessons.

Hygiene and Comfort:

Deodorant is a must have! Yes, humans are known to sweat when they are working out, so do you. Not everybody had the chance to take a shower between work and the lesson - so make your dancing partner feel comfortable by using a deodorant.

We recommend bringing a towel for leaders and a fan for followers. At a certain level, this will become part of your dancing routines.


We strongly recommend to remove or cover any jewelry that can injure you or your partner:

  • rings with sharp edges or stones

  • earrings large enough to catch

  • necklaces


If you have long hair, please do your dance partner a favor and tie it back. Otherwise, it will be in your partner's face every time you turn.


You are moving, you will be sweating - your body needs to get water in order to function. If your mouth gets dry, it will be smelly and cause discomfort for your dancing partner - drink, drink, drink - Water !

More questions?

Feel free to contact us at or send us a message on facebook or instagram!