Salsativity membership

In order to participate in our internal events (courses, Timþarty, Practica) you need to be a Salsativity member.


25th February 2020 - 28th Februar 2022:

    • 24€ (includes all internal Level 1 courses, Timþarty and Practica)

    • 58€ (includes all internal courses of all levels, Timþarty and Practica) (not available yet due to covid-19 uncertainty)

If you want to upgrade your membership after Level 1, you only pay the difference of 34€!

⚠ Since so many of our courses have been canceled due to the SARS-CoV-2 prevention, we have decided to credit all paid-up summer semester memberships for winter semester 2021/2022 ⚠

How can I become a Salsativity member?

If you don' t have a member ID yet, you can either get one at the next Salsativity event, or you can apply for a member ID here: membership request. You will get your memberID card at the next Salsativity event you are going to attend.

It is required to register until the second unit of your course. If you change your mind after the first unit and don’t want to become a member, you can return or destroy your memberID card until the second unit without any obligations.

Please register for the courses you want to attend, so we can estimate the amount of leaders and followers. You can find all available courses here.

Please transfer the membership fee until the second unit to:

SPORTUNION Salsativity

IBAN: FI97 7997 7991 1201 92


purpose: 2021SS<memberID>