Salsativity Membership

Membership Levels and Fees

  • Starters (includes all Level 1 courses, Timþarties and Practica)

    • 6€ (24€)* for current Semester (01. 10. 2021 - 28. 02. 2022)

  • Regular (includes all courses of all levels, Timþarties and Practica)

    • 14,50€ (58€)* for current Semester (01. 10. 2021 - 28. 02. 2022)

    • 29 € (116)* for current year (01. 10. 2021 - 30. 09. 2022)

*Reduced Fee: #comebackstronger

The austrian government currently supports membership fees for new members of sport oriented clubs (like we are) by providing a 75% discount. To take advantage of this you have to transfer the discounted membership fee before December 31st.

⚠ Note to previous members
Since many of our courses had to be canceled due to SARS-CoV-2, we have extended all paid-up 2021 summer semester memberships to winter semester 2021/2022 at no charge!

Why is a Membership required?

Even as a registered non-profit organisation, we still need some funds to be able to organise rooms, events, etc.
a club membership is required for all our internal classes and events, including parties.

Please register for the courses you want to attend, so we can estimate the amount of leaders and followers. You can find all available courses here.

If you join a course it is necessary to register as a member. If you change your mind after the first unit and don’t want to remain a member, you can return your memberID card until the second unit with no obligation.

Great! How can I become a Salsativity member?

You can become a member and get a member ID at the next Salsativity event, or you can apply for a member ID online. We will give you your memberID card at the next Salsativity event you attend. When you decide to stay with us, we would ask you to transfer the membership fee until the second unit to:

SPORTUNION Salsativity

IBAN: FI97 7997 7991 1201 92


purpose: 2021WS<memberID>